Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Art Supply Trade! Bringing Back the Barter System!

Oh, Dadant refined beeswax - how I miss you so.

So sorry this post took so long. As I mentioned to friends that I had supplies to trade, I found some takers already, and got rid of some large (read: too expensive to ship) items and traded it for an art consultation. However, I had a week of pack rat doubt about getting rid of my stuff and let that resistance hinder me from finishing this post that I started 3 weeks ago. Well here it is!

More stuff to come, but I just needed to get this out into the world now - a kind of "asking the universe and it will provide" idea.
I need lots of beeswax for my current projects. Can you help?

In my post "Out with the Old! Bringing in new energy by cleaning" I talked about how I was frantically getting rid of old clothes and doing the unthinkable (in my pack rat mind) - Throwing out art!

I decided it was time to make room for some new art and supplies by getting rid of the supplies that I am not using. I am also working on more 3-D beeswax art work and encaustic paintings. For anyone who works in encaustic, they know how expensive these paints are! Almost outrageous at at least $20 a small cake. And with encaustic, it is all about lots and lots of layers. So each layer just adds to the price. My 3-D beeswax and fiber forms also use a ton of beeswax, and I am down to about 2 lbs of it. Yikes! What is a girl to do? There is art to be made and no supplies to make it with!

Also, In this difficult economic times, I feel guilty about spending money on art supplies when it could be used for something more practical. So what if I traded my unused supplies and art books for some encaustic paint or beeswax? Then I won't have to worry about spending "money" as it will almost be like getting it for free. The idea sparked - BARTER SYSTEM!

So here I am; offering my supplies to you. Do you work in encaustic? Did you try it and not find it fun to work with? How about oil sticks? Any of those lying around unused? Have beeswax to spare? Maybe have an unused cradled board or two that you have no plans for? Plain, unused, rolled canvas need a new home? I can help out! Let's make a deal!

The supplies I am looking for are pretty specific to my area of mixed media encaustic/beeswax 2-D and 3-D creations. But I am open for other suggestions. As being a lifelong learner, I am willing to trade items for things less tangible, such as online classes, art consultations, art business help, and coaching services. It really just depends on the offer. I just want my stuff to become your stuff, but I don't want to sell it to you.

If I have peaked your interest at all, see the two lists below: Want and Have.


Encaustic Paints
Unbleached, Refined Beeswax (lots of it, please!)
small Blow Torch
Encaustic iron
Cradled Boards (birch or something unprimed)
Oil Sticks (see R&F paints for these)
Gift certificates to R&F, Dadant and Sons or other encaustic paint or beeswax suppliers

General supplies
3 11x14x.75" canvases
1 16x20x.75" Oval Canvas
Bags of various ribbons and papers
Knifty Knitter purple rectangular loom

Art Books (All books in excellent condition)

Art 21: Art in the twenty-first century, Volume 1 hardback
American Art book (small book)- Phaidon
20th Century Art Book (small book) - Phaidon
The 20th Century Art Box Postcards - Phaidon
The Art Box postcards - Phaidon
Surrealism - World's Greatest Art
Rome and Vatican Book
Pablo Picasso - Ingo Fi Walher

Art Technique Books
Encyclopedia of Sculpture Techniques - John Mills
Teach yourself Sculpture
Complete Guide to Drawing - Giovanni Civardi
Essential Techniques for Drawing and Painting
The Zen of Creative Painting - Jeanne Carbonettis

Writing/Art/Journaling (technique included)
Artists' Journals and Sketchbooks - Lynne Perrella
Journal Spilling - Diana Trout

The Altered Object - Terry Taylor
Secrets of Rusty Things - Micheal De Meng
Classic Color Theory/Design Textbooks
Design and Form, Revised Edition - Johannes Itten
Interaction of Color, Revised Edition - Josef Albers
Creative Living/Art Business
The Saavy Crafter's Guide to Success - Sandra McCall
Living the Creative Life - Rice Freeman-Zachery

I will be adding to this list as I can. Did you find something that you want? Email me and I will work with you.

Desperately seeking beeswax ~ Jaime Lyerly

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  1. I have an encaustic iron!! I don't ever use it and would love to give it a good home....


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