Monday, February 23, 2009

Stone Soup Challenge - No More Starving Artists!

I am participating in the Stone Soup Challenge!

I have decided to purchase at least 25% of my supplies from independent artists and sellers on Etsy. It takes an effort, but together we can help each other.

---Today I bought beeswax from beekeepers in Michigan through Etsy.

Excerpted from the Stone Soup Challenge -

No More Starving Artists!

I am hearing fear in the voices of my fellow artists whenever the subject of the economy is discussed. So I've decided to do something about it. Using the folktale, Stone Soup, as my inspiration, I am creating a grassroots movement in the art community to help artists overcome their fears and give them control over their future.

In Stone Soup, a stranger comes to a starving village and looks for food. He puts a boiling pot on the water and adds a stone, telling everyone he is making stone soup. Gradually, the villagers come forward with ingredients to add to make the soup. The contributions are items that the villagers are hoarding due to their fear of starvation. Each villager only contributes a small amount, but the end result is a soup that feeds everyone. Read More and Join us - Stone Soup Challenge.

Your Turn -- GET INVOLVED: What are you doing to help independent sellers and artists?
Happy Art Making! Jaime

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Encaustic Paintings and Sculpture - In Progress

Untitled 2 - Encaustic, fabric and collage on plywood

More work today on encaustic paintings. I also used the extra in my pan to make three dimensional works on masonite.

Fire - Encaustic on Masonite

Water - Encaustic on Masonite

Untitled Texture - Encaustic on Masonite

Spiral 1 - Three Dimensional Textured Encaustic and Beeswax on Masonite

Spikes 1 - Three Dimensional Textured Encaustic and Beeswax on Masonite

Your Turn - Do these sculptural works evoke the same reactions as the paintings? Anyone else do any sculpting in beeswax? If so, do you consider them paintings or sculpture?
I would love to hear what you think!

Happy Art Making~ Jaime

Friday, February 20, 2009

Encaustic Workshop - In Paintings in Progress

Today I attended an encaustic workshop held by Josie Rodriguez at the San Diego Art Department in North Park, CA. Even though I have been working in wax for a while, there is nothing like taking a workshop for the experience. Plus all the materials were provided, so I got to slather on the encaustic paint with abandon!

I used the workshop to try something that I haven't done much of - collage. Other times that I have tried collage I have spent hours looking at the composition and agonizing about which pieces to use. But with the clock ticking, I had to go, go go!

Here are today's spontaneous encaustic paintings. Let me know what you think!

Untitled 1 - Encaustic, charcoal drawing and collage on plywood

Eye of the storm - Encaustic on plywood

Portland Oregon Aesthetic - Encaustic and oil paint on plywood

Untitled 2 - Encaustic, fabric and collage on plywood

Your Turn - Share what you make with me! I love to see other artist's in progress works!

Happy Art Making! - Jaime

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Call for Artists - Women's Caucus for Art Show - "Herstory" at the Women's History Museum and Educational Center

Call for Artists - Open to all women artists

Due: March 7, 2009
Art drop off at 9-10 am
Juried Exhibition -

Theme - "Herstory":

"Create revolutionary art which breaks the boundaries by forcing us to open our eyes and look at our true herstory through the ages... not just what the boys wrote down. No longer the damsel in distress or the dour domestic drudge...we are divas and divine dames of the art world exposing our herstorical and hysterical diverse creations"

Opening Reception
at 7:30 pm
Women's History Museum
San Diego
2323 Broadway #107
San Diego

Find the full prospectus and details at

Happy Art Making!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Found - Call for Artists

I have been wanting to post more blogs but the "preciousness" of blogging something "important" has kept me away. So relieve the pressure of making a perfect blog, I decided to blog more with shorter content. Also, instead of being all about me, I am going give you the the fruits of my Internet searches.

So here are some "Call for Artists" opportunities that I have found. Please check the websites listed for validity, fees and details (I am not responsible for the validity of these opportunities so don't kill the messenger!). Note that they are copied from different sites, so the formatting is different for each.

I have tried to pick only ones with specific dates, but I also included some compelling ones without dates. Follow me for more to come and let me know if you are looking for something in particular.

Happy Art Making and Show Entering to all!

Due in two days! February 14th 2009:

Juried Fine Art Exhibit
Resource Name Call for Artists
Address 4355 Bonita Road
City Bonita
State CA
Zip 91902

Location All
Telephone 619-267-5141
Web Site
Contact Vicky DeLong
Resource Description
Juried Fine Art Exhibit

Opportunity Description
For prospectus - email Vicky at or click this link
Crafting Romance - ATHICA
DEADLINE: Sat, February 14, 2009
Show dates: April 11 - May 31, 2009. Curator: Rebecca Brantley. ATHICA: Athens Institute of Contemporary Art seeks work addressing romance, its status and construction in contemporary culture. Full call and submission instructions at No prospectus, no fee, no sales, no insurance. 160 Tracy Street, Unit 4, Athens, GA 30601.
Contact: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art | 706-208-1613 | |

San Diego Area:

Show Opportunity
Resource Name Arts Council of San Diego Writ
Address 710 13th St. Studio 210
City San Diego
State CA
Zip 92101

Location All
Telephone 619 865-6943
Web Site
Contact Patrick McMahon
Resource Description
San Diego Writers Ink

Opportunity Description
The home of San Diego Writers, Ink is the Ink Spot, in the Art Center, on 13th, between F and G Streets. The Arts Council juries shows to be hung for about two months. These can be solo or group shows. The Ink Spot is not open to the public, however many events, classes, and workshops take place. Artists may have an opening reception. Please visit the website and download an application if you are interested in submitting for a show in 2009 or 2010. Contact me with questions. Thanks.

Call to Artists
Resource Name CASD Gallery
Address 3824 Ray Street
City San Diego
State CA
Zip 92014

Location Central San Diego
Telephone (619) 543-9791
Web Site
Contact Elly Dotseth
Resource Description
Clay Arts Gallery and other high end hand made crafts

Opportunity Description
Gallery display space on Ray Street. Min. rent, 1 year commitment. 20% commission. Contact Elly Dotseth (619)697-4597
Urban Trees 6 Call to Artists

Status: Open
Due: April 6, 2009
Location: San Diego, California

Description: The Port of San Diego has issued a Call to Artists (Request for Proposals) for a sixth Urban Trees sculptural artwork exhibit for the North Embarcadero area of San Diego's downtown waterfront. The new exhibit is to be called "Urban Trees 6." Up to 30 artists (or artist teams) will be selected to create original sculptural artworks for display along Harbor Drive between Broadway and Hawthorn Street. Please download the Call for Artists brochure (in PDF format) for detailed information regarding the exhibit and submittal requirements. If you have specific application questions, please call (619) 686-7246. Submittals must be received by the Port's Public Art Department no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 6, 2009.


National Events:

Sculptors, enter to win many prizes in Sculptural Pursuit's 6th Annual Sculpture Only Competition!
Postmark entries no later than February 28, 2009

Sculptural Pursuit, Fall 2008Dates: Winners will be featured in the Fall 2009 issue of Sculptural Pursuit
Location: Littleton, Colorado
Entry Fees: $35 - subscriber and $50 - non-subscriber
Eligibility: Open to artists over age 18, original works created since January 2006, works featured in SP or other magazines since January 2005 are not eligible, student/class work not eligible.

1st Place: Cover photo with feature article and Images in SP.
2nd Place: Feature article and Images in SP.
3rd Place: Short article and images in SP.
4th Place: Artist profile and images in Creative Wisdom.

Industry Awards: Gift certificates for products and services from our industry sponsors. One $3,000 gift certificate and seven $500 gift certificates.
This year's sponsors are Atlas Metal Sales, Ball Consulting, Chavant Inc, Moonscapes 3D, Sculpture Depot, Sculpture House, The Carving Studio and Carving Center, and
The Compleat Sculptor.

Competion site:
Contact: Sculptural Pursuit magazine, PO Box 749, Littleton, CO 80160
Phone: 303-738.9892

DEADLINE: Sun, March 15, 2009
The International Fiber Collaborative announces its 2008-2009 project, Interdependence. Participants will create a full-sized tree for display in April 2009 at Big Springs International Park in Huntsville, Alabama. Participants are invited to create leaves to contribute to the creation of the tree. Leaves should be created using fiber or fiber techniques. Each leaf should be roughly 5 inches wide by 7 inches long. Entrants are encouraged to be creative in deciding on materials and techniques. Up to 30,000 leaves may be used. Download an entry form at
Contact: Jennifer Marsh | | |

Creatures Great and Small - open call for art using animals as metaphor, Murray State University
DEADLINE: Wed, April 01, 2009
Animals, both real and fantastic, have always been compelling subjects in art. Many artists today continue to use animals to examine a wide range of issues including: spiritual, ethical, social, political, environmental, and personal. This exhibition aims to explore how art depicts animals as a way to confront humanity in all its complexity.

Open to all media.

For complete information, please visit our website ( and look under “prospectus.” Or contact Becky Atkinson, Gallery Director, 270.809.6734,

Contact: Becky Atkinson | 270-809-6734 | |
___________________________________________________________________ More to come! Let me know if you like what you see!