Thursday, July 30, 2009

Using Other Artists' Images on your Blog

"Ritualistic Goddess Worship" - acrylic on canvas
© 2005 Chris Miner

Alyson Stanfield's Art Biz Coach Blog gives you another golden article for anyone who promotes other artist's work (like me!) It is really hard to know where the line is between copyright infringement and promoting another artist's work by featuring in your blog, newsletter or website. Here is a link to the article:

Using other artists’ images on your blog

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The way I usually do it depends on my relationship to the person. If I think that the person will be receptive, I write up the blog post with the low resolution pictures (taken from their website or blog), and then email the person with a link to the blog post. I let them know that I can change or delete anything that they want. If I don't really know the person well or think that they may object, I will email for permission first. I love how the article tells you to make sure you credit yourself, also. I sometimes forget that others who come across my images may not have know they come from this blog.

Your turn:
Check out the article, then come back here and let me know how you do it! Do you feature other artists on your blog or do you think it is too tricky to do? I am looking for more artists to feature, too! Are you interested? Let me know via email or in the comments here.

Happy Art-Making! ~ Jaime Lyerly

San Diego Women's Caucus for Art - Art and Jewelry Sale

Please see message below from Retreat Coordinator Jennie Bottoms:

On August 1, 2009 from 3-6 pm, the San Diego Women's Caucus for Art will be having a Art and Jewelry Sale held at 8teen Art and Cultural Center 3925 Ohio St. North Park. This is an opportunity for our members to sell their artwork and jewelry. If you love art and jewelry - then this is the place to be.

We will also be drawing the winner of the Valana Mineral make-up raffle at 5 pm.

Please come to redecorate your home with new beautiful, inspiring art by local women artists, and don't forget all women need at least one new one of a kind hand made necklace, bracelets and earring set for the upcoming fall fashion season. You will find jewelry to finish up your holiday shopping. We hope to see you there.

Refreshments will be served and we will also have a chocolate fountain!

Contact Jen Bottoms for more information at

Please pass this on to everyone you know.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Inspirational Video - Encaustic Sculptural Paintings by Laura Moriarty

I have shared this video by Encaustic Artist Laura Moriarty on my Facebook site, but I have to share it here too because of how strong of a connection I feel to this artist's work. She calls her works "Sculptural Paintings," and they relate to nature through their organic forms and their installation. This is the direction that my own encaustic sculptures are heading - free from the confines of the painting/box format.

This video also inspires me to make some videos of my own process. I take pictures of some of my work in progress, but sometimes I am just in the flow of it forget to document. However, it just looks like Laura Moriarty sets up the recorder on a tripod and comes back over days to work on it. This may be doable for me! Simply turn on the recorder when I go to work and edit it together.

I hope you find this video as fascinating as I do.

Your Turn:
Do you videotape the making of your work? If so, how do you think that it affects what others' think or respond to it? If you have any videos of your works in progress, please let me know and I will share them here on my blog.

Happy Art-making and recording! ~ Jaime Lyerly

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Last day to register fo Encaustic Painting Workshop at Escondido Municipal Gallery - July 25, 2009


Today, Saturday, is the LAST DAY to register for my workshop being held at the Escondido Municipal Gallery next Saturday, July 25, 2009 from 12 pm - 3 pm.

Check out this post for more details!

Art Making is a Journey by Jaime Lyerly: Encaustic Painting Workshop by Jaime Lyerly at Escondido Municipal Gallery - July 25, 2009

Hope to see you there!

Happy Art making! ~ Jaime Lyerly

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Koi Fish

~ Jaime Lyerly

Unique Beeswax / Encaustic Sculptures by Jaime Lyerly

3-D encaustic sculptures, detail view, © 2009 Jaime Lyerly

As I move on to new projects, I feel the need to show off some of my most recent work in May. I have been waiting to post this for a while, until I had a good way to tell the story. Here is the abbreviated version of how these sculptures came to be. Enjoy!

Encaustic/Beeswax and Mixed Media Sculptures by Jaime Lyerly, May 2009

Installation - set of five, set of three

Encaustic/Beeswax, yarn, wire and spotlight

The concept behind these sculptures were to free encaustic from its role of surface design only. Usually, encaustic is applied to a rigid and porous surface which makes the wax unnecessary. I wanted these to need the beeswax to exist.

3-D encaustic sculptures, detail view, © 2009 Jaime Lyerly

Process: In these sculptures, I built an open wire frame and wrapped very soft yarn around the wire intuitively. Then I dipped them repeatably in a large pan full of hot white and yellow beeswax. I hung them to dry and added more and more wax.

The sculptures started off as a set of three and moved to five. The pieces hang from the same yarn from which they are made. The wire and yarn need the wax now to exist, for without the wax they could not be the same.

3-D encaustic sculptures, installation view, © 2009 Jaime Lyerly

The spot light that is cast from the ceiling creates pockets of shadow inside each piece and illuminates it. It casts shadows on the ground, which dance as the pieces move and spin. The light also heats the pieces which makes the beeswax smell stronger and threatens to destroy the piece.

3-D encaustic sculptures, cast shadows view, © 2009 Jaime Lyerly

3-D encaustic sculptures, detail view, © 2009 Jaime Lyerly

These sculptures are so much fun to make that I want to make a hundred of them to fill a gallery. I have been thinking and planning for encaustic sculptures that destroy themselves and ones which are created from the melted wreckage.

Until then, Happy Art Making! ~ Jaime Lyerly

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Encaustic Painting Workshop by Jaime Lyerly at Escondido Municipal Gallery - July 25, 2009

Making encaustic medium, July 2009

So the last three days, I have been making encaustic medium in preparation for my upcoming "Basic Encaustic Workshop by Jaime Lyerly" which is at the Escondido Municipal Gallery in Escondido, California. The workshop is on Saturday, July 25, 2009 from 12 pm - 3 pm. The price is $75 ($65 for members of EAP). This price includes all supplies, which is a steal! I paid twice that amount for my basic encaustic workshop. See this post for more examples of my more traditional encaustic paintings.

Here is my description of what you will learn and do:
Encaustic painting is an ancient technique of molten beeswax, damar resin, and pigment applied to a surface and fused using heat. Learn the basic techniques of encaustic painting in this workshop. We will cover history, materials, substrates, tools and safety. We will explore layering, collage, incising and transfers. Plenty of time for hands-on experimentation. Bring your own collage elements and get ready to try this "hot" way of painting.

If you are anywhere near Escondido, please come to my workshop! The space is limited to 10 people and you must preregister by Saturday, July 18. Check out the Escondido Municipal Gallery Workshop page for more details and to register. I have plenty of knowledge to share and love to introduce people to the magic of encaustic painting.

Why don't you come join me and bring some friends? Let's spend that Saturday flinging hot wax around and making art!

Happy Art-making! ~Jaime Lyerly

Making Encaustic Medium

I finally figured out how to put YouTube videos on my blog! Oh happy day! I have so many to share.

Here is a wonderful video which explains the process of making encaustic medium. I have been making encaustic medium for three days now in preparation for my "Basic Encaustic Workshop by Jaime Lyerly" which will be held at the Escondido Municipal Gallery on July 25, 2009 from 12 pm - 3 pm. Preregister by July 18, 2009 for this great event! See my post about the Basic Encaustic Workshop here.

This video is wonderfully done and takes the mystery out of making your own encaustic medium. Enjoy!

Happy Art Making! ~ Jaime Lyerly

Artist Lisa Bebi at booksigning launch today

pimp my spleen: join me for "launch"...

Join San Diego Women's Caucus for Art member Lisa Bebi today at 2 pm at the Orange County Town and Country Barnes and Noble for a booksigning for the new publication "Art Quilting Studio." See the link above for more information.

Hope you can come support this great artist.

Happy Art Making ~Jaime Lyerly

Monday, July 6, 2009

Try Twitter - for Artists

For those of you who haven't figured it out yet, I love Twitter.

Sometimes it makes me angry (like when it suspended my account for suspicious activity yesterday - all fixed now); sometimes sucks away all my time; and sometimes I wonder why I am still on it. But most of the time I find it to be a effective tool to promoting my art, blog, workshops and other art related activities. You can too!

Check out this article Try Twitter by Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield. While you are there you can subscribe to her weekly Art Biz Coach newsletters which come every Monday.

I know you are saying to yourself "but I already have a Facebook account, why do I need Twitter?" Facebook is wonderful, but it can be overwhelming with pictures, applications, "friends" from high school and many more things. Twitter strips it down to the bare bones. Read a "tweet" (post) or make a tweet yourself.

Sure, you can get fancy and post pictures on Twitter. But in general, it is a simple way to make connections with people who have similar interests and may be interested in your art. I have found some of the best artists and connections through Twitter - and then I found them on Facebook!

Try Twitter. It is a tool for your art. Use it.

When you get on Twitter, come follow me! Send me a tweet or question by typing @jaimelyerly I will help you make sense of it all!

Happy Art Making! Jaime Lyerly

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Pink Declaration of Independence

Independence day is not exactly my favorite holiday. You will not see me wearing red, white and blue or waving a flag. I say my thanks to the US in my own way.

But this "Pink Declaration of Independence" is something I can get behind. I am ready to wave my pink flag and create an Independence day parade for myself. Free from fears! Not bound to laws that the government puts on my body! Liberated from a world where others' opinions matter more than my own! Check it out:

The Pink Declaration of Independence | OwningPink

So on this Independence day, instead of having hot dogs and watching fireworks on TV, I am going to the San Diego Women's Drum Circle to bang on a drum with 50 or so other women who want to do the same thing. And I am grabbing my friend, Starry, to join in the festivities. It will be my Independence day. Want to come! Please do! Circle goes from 7 pm - 9 pm and there is a wonderful drum class from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm. Check out the link for more details. This is the most energetic event that you will be buzzing on for days. I know you will love it.

Your Turn:
What are you freeing yourself from this year? How have you declared your Independence day?

Happy Independence from your fears day! ~Jaime Lyerly

Friday, July 3, 2009

San Diego Women's Art Caucus Member Show at 8Teen Art Center - July 5 - July 18

My son, Xen, relaxing with a soda and a book with
my "Forbidden Fruit Series" behind him at 8Teen

Our last minute blog post to San Diego Women's Caucus for Art Members worked! We have a show and we want you to come see it!

Thanks to all the San Diego WCA members who came today to drop off and hang your work. You made my job easy and the show looks great. See, I told you we could do it!

Here is a sneak preview of the Women's Caucus for Art Member Show held at 8Teen Art and Culture Center from July 5 - July 18, 2009. The photographs do not do these works justice, so you must stop by to see them in person.

Opening reception is from 3 - 6 pm on July 5, 2009. The show will be up until July 18, 2009 and there will be a closing reception on that date (times unknown).

Paintings by Ellen Benfatti and (bottom) Laura Jean Thompson

Paintings/Collage left to right by Jaime Lyerly, Midge Hyde, and Laura Jean Thompson

Paintings by Ellen Benfatti

Paintings left to right by Jen Bottoms and Midge Hyde

Encaustic collage/Paintings "Forbidden Fruit Series" by Jaime Lyerly
(click link to learn more about the "Forbidden Fruit Series")

Encaustic collage/Painting - detail "Forbidden Fruit Series" by Jaime Lyerly

I hope this has whet your appetite and you will come have a look!

Your Turn:
Like what you see and you are a women artist in San Diego? Why don't you join us! The San Diego Women's Caucus for Art accepts membership applications all year round. With my help, the WCA is getting connected on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Please check us out on any of these sites to see what we are up to. WCA members are active in their communities and want to share with you. You can even sign up at an event. There are member shows, opportunities to network and an annual retreat to Julian in November where you can learn art techniques and get away from it all.

This year's WCA retreat is going to be super fun! I am teaching a workshop on Encaustic Painting; and there are two other workshops by local artists. I believe that Cynthia Gott's Inner Archetype Workshop has been replaced by Ellen Benfatti who will be giving a Reiki workshop. Judith Burnett will be giving a workshop on Portrait Painting in Oil. Space is limited and the deadline is rapidly approaching (August 15, 2009 for full payment) - so if you want to get in on the fun, email to Retreat Coordinator Jen Bottoms today!

Hope you can make it to one of our events.

Happy Art Making! ~ Jaime Lyerly

The "Neno" Award

Starlight Blog: The "Neno" Award

Thanks to Mary for my "Neno" Blog award! I need to gather my thoughts and choose who to give the next awards too. Until then, check it out!

~Jaime Lyerly

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Women's Caucus for Art Member Show at 8Teen Art Center - July 5-18

For the Women's Caucus for Art MEMBERS:

The Women's Caucus for Art is having a Member Show at 8Teen Art and Cultural Center this weekend. What? You didn't know? Well you are not alone.

Here is a message from Jen Bottoms, WCA Exhibition Coordinator:
Hi ladies,
I have to apologize for a lack of communication about the art show opening on July 5-18 at the 8teen Center. There is no theme for this show as not to limit any artist as to what can be entered. We have extended the drop off for entries. The drop off will be Friday the 3rd of July from 10-11 or contact me to make special arrangements. Cost is $25.00 for up to three entries.

We would like to have participants vote on the best work and the winner will receive $100.00 certificate to attend the Retreat in November. This is not a cash award and can only be used to attend the Retreat.

So come bring your work down to 8Teen on Friday, July 3rd at 10 am. Jen and I will be there with smiling faces to help hang the work and showcase your talent.

I have three of my newest encaustic works (including my "Forbidden Fruit Series") to ready to be hung, and I am very excited to see what you all have to show off.

Look forward to seeing you and your artwork soon!

For EVERYONE ELSE: We would love you to come check out this show. 8Teen Art Center is a lively venue for music, coffee and art viewing. The Women's Caucus for Art Members will put on a show that you won't forget (even if we have to scramble at the last minute to do it!).

I will post pictures from 8Teen by this weekend at the latest.

Until then, Happy Art-making! Jaime Lyerly
~ Jaime Lyerly