Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Pink Declaration of Independence

Independence day is not exactly my favorite holiday. You will not see me wearing red, white and blue or waving a flag. I say my thanks to the US in my own way.

But this "Pink Declaration of Independence" is something I can get behind. I am ready to wave my pink flag and create an Independence day parade for myself. Free from fears! Not bound to laws that the government puts on my body! Liberated from a world where others' opinions matter more than my own! Check it out:

The Pink Declaration of Independence | OwningPink

So on this Independence day, instead of having hot dogs and watching fireworks on TV, I am going to the San Diego Women's Drum Circle to bang on a drum with 50 or so other women who want to do the same thing. And I am grabbing my friend, Starry, to join in the festivities. It will be my Independence day. Want to come! Please do! Circle goes from 7 pm - 9 pm and there is a wonderful drum class from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm. Check out the link for more details. This is the most energetic event that you will be buzzing on for days. I know you will love it.

Your Turn:
What are you freeing yourself from this year? How have you declared your Independence day?

Happy Independence from your fears day! ~Jaime Lyerly


  1. Jaime- where were you when I lived in San Diego for 10 years? I’d have been so all over your drum circle (in fact, I brought my favorite Native-American crafted handmade drum to our Pink Posse gathering in Marin this week and we had a helluva time banging the shit out of it. You go girl! Bang that drum, embrace that Independence, and GO FOR IT!

    Happy 4th to you all. For me, it’s yet another opportunity to take a relatively mundane event like July 4 (uh, fireworks and beer…love the fireworks, hate the beer) and turn it into gold. Today, I rode rollercoasters at the Marin County Fair, and once again, I’m inspired by the simple act of overcoming fear and all that means.

    Wishing you loads of mojo at your drum circle, Jaime. In my experience, there’s something about the rhythm that puts in touch with something deeper within ourselves and within our drumming communities. GO THERE (as I know you will) and let it take you someplace new, exciting, and INDEPENDENT!

  2. Lissa, thanks for the great comment! I did bang on that drum for about 4 hours, although there were only about 20 people there last night. As for being in San Diego at the same time, I think the same thing! I wish that you were in this area and we could have Pink Posse Parties with all my art ladies here. It would be so fun!

    I am working on my declaration but it will take some time. I was very moved by your posting though and will have to come back to it more later.



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