Saturday, April 18, 2009

Encaustic Painting Series - "Forbidden Fruit"

"Forbidden Fruit" series 1 - Installation view

For all you artists who have been enduring my rambling about things other than art, thank you! I am happy to share with you my new series of encaustic paintings. The photographs of the piece could be better, and I am still working out exactly how I want to install them. However, I think they are ready for your viewing pleasure. I would love to know your opinions on these.

First - The skinny on the "Forbidden Fruit" series -

Technique: 16 6x6x2 inch artist boards. Self-portrait ink jet photographs printed on rice paper. The photos are layered with encaustic medium. The medium is manipulated with tools and heat.
Concept: "Forbidden Fruit" explores the idea of Eve and "original sin." With one bite of the fruit, Eve brings knowledge but also pain and suffering. The fruit that has caused all the problems is now gagged into the mouths of all women. This gagging is my main interest.

Now to the piece:
Forbidden Fruit - by Jaime Lyerly. April 2009. Installation view above, and details of individual pieces below.
Forbidden Fruit series 1 - Detail 1

Forbidden Fruit series 1 - Detail 2

Forbidden Fruit series 1 - Detail 3

Forbidden Fruit series 1 - Detail 4

Forbidden Fruit series 1 - Detail 5

Forbidden Fruit series 1 - Detail 6

Forbidden Fruit series 1- Detail 7

Forbidden Fruit series 1 - Detail 8

Your Turn: Please share your thoughts with me about this series. Do they affect you? How about the installation? Anything else you want to say?

Happy Art Making! ~ Jaime


  1. What a fantastic series, Jaime! So very creative. The waxy surface causes glare in some photos, but I can still appreciate the individual works.
    Thank you for sharing your process. I've never done encaustic, but these might inspire me.
    I'm sure you will get a lot of favorable comments on these.

  2. Hi Jaime!

    We are following each other on Twitter and I just stopped by to see your blog.

    I really like this series-- from the photos it looks rather subtle as is the underlying message of our role as women in that story woven through our lives. It is always there however subtle.

    I hope you will stop by my blog also. I haven't posted a lot recently as we are busy preparing to teach two classes at the next Art & Soul retreat. We make mechanical toys, art jewelry and small sculptures.

  3. I adore this encaustic series...the process...the product...the thematic development. I could help you with the structure of the installation sometime if you'd like.
    Can't wait to do more encaustic in your workshop!


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