Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Choose NOT to be Scared

Swine Flu
Unsafe Travel Abroad
Plane Crash
Tijuana, Mexico Gangs
Life after College

I choose not to be scared.

For the past months (dare I say years?) we have heard nothing on the news but things to be scared about. Swine Flu is the newest threat and everyone could get this airborne disease and die. We are in a recession so our homes go into foreclosure. You may get laid off of your job so watch your pennies. Salmonella taints your chicken and who knows where tuberculous could strike. Go traveling abroad and you may get kidnapped and held hostage or shot down in Tijuana; provided that you don't die in a plane crash before you get there.

I choose not to be scared.

I am making the choice not to be scared, no matter what the news says. Applying this attitude to the last scary item on my list is harder - life after college.

Being in college now is wonderful. I can make art, learn everyday, study abroad all while working part time and receiving scholarships, loans and grants to help me pay for it. But what happens when I get my BA? In this scary economy, where will the jobs be? What will I be able to do with my BA in Art, emphasis in sculpture? Is there a job with this type of training or do I need to go on to a MFA? Could I even pay for a program like that? I am only a year away from graduating - what happens then? Family tells me that I have to grow up (I am almost 32 years old...) and get a real job instead of doing this whole art thing. But why would I want to do that?

I have to choose not to be scared. No matter what the news or family or the environment tells me, it is my choice on whether or not to react to it.

I choose not to be scared. What is your choice?


  1. Jamie,
    Keep working on your step at a time. Don't worry about a job at this point or if you think you need MFA until you know if you really need one to pursue your dream...concentrate on what your doing now and do your best, better than your best!....everything will work out. So take your own advice and not be scared.....Swine Flu?? No worry!! If your Kat's front paws have 6 front toes and claws...worry bout : Kat Scratch Fevah!
    Claude aka Dooko

  2. This is exactly why I choose not to watch "the news". "The news" is there to keep us from concentrating on what is really important. I do try to keep up with what's going on in the world through the internet. I believe that way I can get what I feel is important information, without the unnecessary commentary.

  3. Hi,

    Maybe people should see less TV and do other things like readf books, going to museums, going to the beach or countryside ?
    Going to visit friends and invite them for a visit, etc, etc.

    Best regards,



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