Monday, April 13, 2009

Nerdiest Art Major EVER!

Today was a shock! In my Life Drawing class today, we did two three-minute warm ups with charcoal. Then my instructor said we were going to move on to something else. As I am drinking my tea and cleaning off charcoal from fingers, I look up to see about 5 people all in black graduation caps and gowns. My heart skipped and I got all shaky. They call out my name, and I raise my hand. They read the following piece of paper aloud to my class:

"Jaime Lyerly is an Art major and a Psychology minor with a 3.93 GPA. She is a member of Scholars Without Borders, the SDSU Foundry Co-Op, the Women's Caucus for Art, the Association of Nontraditional Students in Higher Education and the American Association of University Women. Jaime volunteers at the Women's History Museum and Educational Center and (formerly) Avocado Elementary School where she gave monthly art lessons and has helped redesign the entire Art Docent program to include multimedia"

I stood there shocked as they pinned a little blue ribbon to my shirt and handed me a black folder with my name and Mortar Board written on it. I mumbled a thank you and my instructor asked them to tell the class more about this society. I waited patiently to get back to drawing.

I was selected for the Mortar Board, a senior Honor Society my university, San Diego State University. Out of about 3,000 eligible students, I am one of the 41 selected. There are over 33,000 students at SDSU, so I am in the top 1% of the university.

The students must apply, and be outstanding in all three areas of Service, Scholarship and Leadership. We must have great grades, professional and leadership affiliations, service to our communities, and have a recommendation from a former professor who thinks we are super. The trick is that they don't send you a nice letter or email notifying you. They notify the selected by "tapping" you unexpectedly during your classes. This is what I experienced today!

So I have officially earned the title of "Nerdiest Art Major EVER!"

Thanks for letting me share my accomplishments with you. Will be posting some more art related stuff soon, so come back to my blog often!

Until next time, keep creating your dreams! ~ Jaime


  1. Congratulations, Jaime! That's great!

  2. I'm so proud of you Jaime!

  3. What a great experience and an honor! Congrats. You retell the story QUITE well, and I expect will give yourself the shakes upon rereading this a year or two in the future. Again, congratulations.

  4. Congratulations! I can't believe you didn't tell me when you were standing at my desk!

  5. Congrats! I LOVE that you are officially the "nerdiest art major EVER!"

  6. Thanks to you all! I have always been the nerdiest art major ever, but now it is official!

  7. Shine brightly, Jaime. You go girl!

  8. Congratulations Jaime. What a fun and meaningful honor. I love how they did it - taking you by surprise. Nothing stodgy about it! Terrific.


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