Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Substance over quantity?

I love blogging. I can honestly admit it now. Writing about art and life. Having interested (and interested) readers responding to what I write. Wonderful!

But I still question how long it takes me to write a post. I have tons of ideas and want each one of them to substance and relevance to my readers. (The fact that I actually have readers makes me want to jump up and down, yelling "YIPEE!") As being a visual person, I also need to have pictures on each of my post. Yet I cram all this into an already jammed tight schedule, shoving out other worthy activities to satisfy my craving for some blogging. Something has to give, and I am not sure what it is going to be.

Do I give in and just post "fillers" like this to keep my blog active? Is there room in my life for all of the above? These questions linger in my mind as I watch the time gallop towards the eight P.M. hour.

Your Turn: My question to you, my beloved reader, do you want substance or quanitity? Personally, I want them both, but I am usually happy to get substance once a week over fast food every day. But what do you want? Please share your thoughts with me as I work out how to go further with my blog.


  1. Hi Jaime

    I put all the blogs I read on google reader so I don't care how often someone posts. There is always things to read elsewhere.

    So for that reason alone I would definitely vote for substance. When I see blogs that seem like it's just "filler" as you put it, I don't want to stay and I may not come back if I'm a new visitor.

    I don't mind short posts even those without images but hopefully they are something you care about writing otherwise I think that comes through. But I definitely prefer lots of eye candy. Hope this helps!

  2. That does help. I just figured out that not everyone who reads my blog does it on the site. I had to adjust my colors accordingly since if they are really light people reading in Google Reader cannot see them!

    My goal is to write consistently and with the same excitement that bubbles through my everyday personality!

    Thanks for the feedback!

  3. I second the vote for substance. I just posted for the first time in a month to my own blog, and my intention had been to post at least once a week. But I just can't do it. I, too, use a blogroll to keep track of everybody, so I will read your blog whenever you post (and when I have time to read blogs -- lol). I like pictures, too, but don't have to have them every post. (Actually, that's one of the things that makes it harder for me to post: feeling I have to have pix).

  4. Hi,

    Quality and relevancy are the most important factors.
    Of course there should be a consistant publishing because people will only follow a blog which updates regularly.
    However if your posts are not relevant, they won't follow you.
    One of the ways to find things to write is to consult art related mags.
    I guess that posting at least once a week will get your readers active and will bring you a few more.

    Kind regards,



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