Monday, April 6, 2009

Meat-less Monday Revisited

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Although it has nothing to do with art, I want to share my family's new change in eating to help get us back on the healthy track. After all... healthy body = more energy to make art!

Today I am re-starting a family money-saving and health-conscious dinner plan - Meat-less Monday.

Meat-less because we are using less meat or no meat at all. In a house of mostly carnivores this is a change for the better for at least one day a week. Meat is expensive and very calorific. Especially ground beef which is one of the meat that get the most action in our house.

Tonight's dinner will be Stuffed Red Peppers, with at least half of the ground beef replaced by vegetarian crumbles. I change the rice to instant brown rice and use tomato sauce instead of soup. I am also going to add some shredded yellow squash to the mixture for a little extra healthiness and color.

Here is a recipe from Allrecipes which is similar to my own. Just make the substitutions and you are on your way to a healthier body and a thicker wallet!

Your Turn: Got any recipes or healthy secrets to share? Post them! I need some encouragement to make healthy changes. How about you?

To your health! ~ Jaime


  1. Yay for meat-less days! Good for you guys. Another good recipe source is Vegetarian Times-- I can always find good things in there when I'm looking for meals to make for my meat eating friends.

  2. Hi Jaime, Check out my friend Lauren's blog. She's a culinary master specializing in making up creative vegetarian recipes!

    Kudos on making the transition to a healthier (and cheaper) diet! :-)

  3. Hi Jaime, here is my favorite quick veggie recipe.

    Tri Pepper Burritos

    Dice a red, yellow, and green pepper, an onion, a couple of cloves of garlic and sautee them in a pan with some olive oil. Drain, rinse and add two cans of black beans, 5 teaspoons of ground cumin, juice from one lime, and some salt and pepper. Cook for a few minutes, being careful not to cook to long or the peppers will lose their pretty colors. Serve in a tortilla with salsa and cilantro or over rice.

    It is pretty cheap too and it will last you for several meals.

  4. Yummy! I am glad I strayed from my art talk for one day. Cannot wait till next Monday!


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