Monday, February 23, 2009

Stone Soup Challenge - No More Starving Artists!

I am participating in the Stone Soup Challenge!

I have decided to purchase at least 25% of my supplies from independent artists and sellers on Etsy. It takes an effort, but together we can help each other.

---Today I bought beeswax from beekeepers in Michigan through Etsy.

Excerpted from the Stone Soup Challenge -

No More Starving Artists!

I am hearing fear in the voices of my fellow artists whenever the subject of the economy is discussed. So I've decided to do something about it. Using the folktale, Stone Soup, as my inspiration, I am creating a grassroots movement in the art community to help artists overcome their fears and give them control over their future.

In Stone Soup, a stranger comes to a starving village and looks for food. He puts a boiling pot on the water and adds a stone, telling everyone he is making stone soup. Gradually, the villagers come forward with ingredients to add to make the soup. The contributions are items that the villagers are hoarding due to their fear of starvation. Each villager only contributes a small amount, but the end result is a soup that feeds everyone. Read More and Join us - Stone Soup Challenge.

Your Turn -- GET INVOLVED: What are you doing to help independent sellers and artists?
Happy Art Making! Jaime


  1. What a great idea! I am going to do my best to do this challenge.

  2. Cannot take credit for the idea, but I need to promote it! I figured that I buy so many art supplies from online that at least 25% can be from independent sellers.

    Please feel free to pass this challenge along!

  3. Hi thanks for your tweet..Im glad Ive found your blog..What a fanatastic inspirational story..everyone remembers that put youve put it to action..Love it..! Robin...Ill be back tomorrow to check out your blog in detail..Thanks

  4. Nice posting!

    One thing to also keep in mind. Historically speaking, bad economic times have traditionally been been good times for the artists. I am not sure of the logic, but according to some of the people that I know, it is true. It may have to do with the fact that people lack the funds to do other fun things, but that they still want to do something to make themselves feel better. Its kind of like the 'stay-cation' mentality. "We can't afford to go on a fun family vacation, but lets go see a show, or visit an art gallery or museum" That kind of thing.

    Here's hoping that history will repeat itself in 2009.


  5. Thank you for the spreading the word! I'm sure the good karma will come back to you!

  6. Great idea and thanks for sharing this idea. I expect you'll be right Todd, maybe it is because we also come up with creative ways to do business? Regardless of the reason, sounds great to me.


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