Friday, February 20, 2009

Encaustic Workshop - In Paintings in Progress

Today I attended an encaustic workshop held by Josie Rodriguez at the San Diego Art Department in North Park, CA. Even though I have been working in wax for a while, there is nothing like taking a workshop for the experience. Plus all the materials were provided, so I got to slather on the encaustic paint with abandon!

I used the workshop to try something that I haven't done much of - collage. Other times that I have tried collage I have spent hours looking at the composition and agonizing about which pieces to use. But with the clock ticking, I had to go, go go!

Here are today's spontaneous encaustic paintings. Let me know what you think!

Untitled 1 - Encaustic, charcoal drawing and collage on plywood

Eye of the storm - Encaustic on plywood

Portland Oregon Aesthetic - Encaustic and oil paint on plywood

Untitled 2 - Encaustic, fabric and collage on plywood

Your Turn - Share what you make with me! I love to see other artist's in progress works!

Happy Art Making! - Jaime


  1. Spontaneity is the clue to encaustic art and just to let the imagination flow!

  2. I really love the two Untitleds. Spontaneity and synchronicity are wonderful forces, no?


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