Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Starving to Successful" Author Jason Horejs at the Free smARTist Preview Call Tonight!

Last minute change to the Free smARTist Preview call that I wrote about in last week's post Twitter and smARTist 2010. Now it is focused on finding your own path to success.

See the information below about the Free Preview call tonight!

You know that success in the art world doesn't follow the same path for every artist.

And it's great to hear how other artists have figured out their path – you'll get ideas, tips, and suggestions to mix-and-match and use to smooth your own path!

Jason Horejs grew up in the art world – literally: his father is successful painter, John Horejs.

Jason owns Xanadu Gallery and is the author of Starving to Successful: How to Find and Keep the Right Gallery for Your Art, at Any Stage of Your Career. He'll be talking with Ariane Goodwin of smARtist®, tonight about three artists who have found their path to success in very different ways.
And he'll be talking about why NOW is the perfect time to be looking for gallery representation.

Tonight, Tuesday, Jan 5th 7-8 pm ET (NY) 4-5 pm PT (CA)

If you haven't signed up for the pre-events yet, click here to sign up and get the call-in & webcast details
for all the Pre-events (and access to the recording afterwards):

Click Here > http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=887631 (Jaime Lyerly's affiliate link)

* Find the sign-up box in the upper right corner of that web page * Enter your name and email * Look in your inbox for all the call-in & webcast details ===========================================
One thing Ariane makes sure of—all of her smARTist Pre-events have meat on the bone!

Registration is open for the 7-day conference which starts on January 21st, and for a limited time you can make your budget as happy as your art career by paying over 3 installments but only until midnight (PT), tonight:

Click Here >
http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?af=887631 (Jaime Lyerly's affiliate link)

From a smARTist alumni from last year: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
I just want to say, I'm astounded at where my art career has led me since I partook in your course!

When I look back at where I was when I signed up in December to where I am now ... it is truly amazing. The creativity in my work has really opened up. I am no longer afraid to take the next steps. The public art gallery (Art Gallery of Hamilton) in my city has a piece of my work and has asked that I keep them informed about any new work and what is happening with my career. WOW. I can't thank you enough for running an awesome course!
- Elle How ----------------------------------------------------------------------

You shouldn't miss this FREE preview calls! There is no obligation to smARTist or myself for signing up for these. It is not a scam. Trust me on this one. And you won't be sorry that you listened.

Sure you can get this art career information other places, but why not take advantage of the fact that it is all available to online to download and listen to at your leisure (or break from the studio!)

To read more about my love of smARTist Telesummit, go to this post about my experience with the 2009 smARTist Telesummit.

Happy Art making! ~ Jaime Lyerly

P.S. I am still working on typing up all the info for my art supply bartering. Don't give up on me! I will have it soon.

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  1. "You know that success in the art world doesn't follow the same path for every artist."

    Now here is a truth that writers don't seem to have a clue about. In a changing world, though, it's good to remember.

    May the New Year bring success at the end of every one of your paths!


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