Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Missing art submission deadlines - Confessions of a Super Procrastinator

Feburary already? What happened here? Who stole my month of January? I want it back.

I haven't been blogging recently. Not for lack of want or even lack of time. It is all about not wanting to be in front of a computer any longer than I already am. My job involves the computer. School work involves a computer. My bills are mostly paid via computer. I am always searching for interesting art and artists online, or researching projects. I cannot get away!

So when I have been choosing my free time recently, it has been away from the computer and bend over an embroidery frame or a griddle full of wax. I will go on more about my new fiber class soon, because I have come to fall in love with embroidery. Ah, embroidery...

Okay focus! Here is what I need your help on - Missing Art Submission Deadlines. 

Even though I am still developing a solid body of work, I have begun to show my work in local exhibitions. I have more work that I want to show. The experience of applying is as important to me as getting into the shows. But there are a few snags.

Here are my 12 Steps to Miss Art Deadlines

1. See my artwork on the wall. Think to myself "I need to show my work more."
2. Search Art Deadline or look at emails for opportunities.
3. Find a show that fits my work.
4. Get Excited!
5. Check the dates. Sigh if it is past, and smile if it is upcoming.
6. Print out the info and/or post it to Facebook.
7. Place it in my direct view at work, or in a school binder so I see it.
9. Memory is triggered by something else, go find opprotunity again.
10. See the missed deadline.
11. Kick myself. Vow to find more shows that fit.
12. Repeat the process, repeatedly without the pattern changing.

See my problem? Me too, but I don't change my ways.

I admit there may be a little adult ADHD in me, but I know for sure that there is a lot more Procrastination than anything else. And I identify myself with this.

This is the dirty little secret of procrastinators everywhere. We procrasticate because we want it to be perfect, so we wait until there are better pictures, time to write a better statement, a better oppronity. Deadline missed. Procrastinator Sad. Pattern Repeats.

Procrastinators also want be organized, but we wait until we have "time" to organize, and that means NEVER. Or we get organized for a week and then lose interest in up-keeping it.

My favorite thing to say is "I don't want to deal with this now. I'll handle it later." Later never comes.

So then other than hiring someone to organize me or spending years in behavioral therapy, I turn to you. 

You are artists (creatives, writers and more). 
You get into shows. 
You make your deadlines.
Your work is seen by others (and maybe even sold). 

So how do you do it? 

I concede that your way may not work for me, but I am desperate for some advice here. Please leave a comment here, and share with everyone how you make it work.

Yours, in all her Procrastinating glory, ~ Jaime Lyerly 

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