Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to Work and Classes!

Sorry I have been neglecting my blog! I was sick with a cold for about a week and half and it really took a huge toll on my body. But I am back to work, and will be blogging again about my art experiences soon.

I am going to start a new semester at San Diego State University, tomorrow which is always exciting. Because of my wonderful summer Study Tour to China and Japan, I am taking Japanese I this semester in preparation to apply for an exchange program for next Fall. I am especially nervous about this class because even though I am a senior and this is only a 100 level course, it is a language that I have just began to study. Is 32 too old to learn a new language? I hope not!

In addition to my language class, I am taking an online Anthropology class, beginning Woodworking and Furniture design, and figurative sculpture with Jess Dominguez. So I am looking forward to a busy semester. I promise to keep making art and posting in progress pictures like always.

Until then, Happy art making! ~ Jaime Lyerly

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