Monday, March 30, 2009

Preparing for the Creative Journey - Haiku

Forbidden Palace, pic from Wikipedia

My big news that I have been bubbling to write about....

My partner Chris and I are going on a two-week cultural study tour to Japan and China!!!

It is through San Diego State University's Art Department, led by Associate Art History Professor Dr. Johnson. The focus is the traditional culture of Japan and China. We will be going to four different Art colleges, two in each country and interacting with former SDSU international students who live in these countries. We will also be hitting a few of the major tourist highlights such as the Great Wall and The Forbidden Palace.

We are so excited to start this journey, which begins at the end of May. It will be jam packed with learning and a condensed adventure.

I have been waiting to blog about it until I had some real exciting way of putting it, but gave up. So this is what you get. Words and exclamation points!!

In addition to studying the language and culture, I am working on how to get the most creativity out of this adventure. I found an e-book online today through the Art Biz Coach called "Creative Toolkit for the Traveler" by Cynthia Morris. Cynthia's blog is very inspirational for those of us looking to explore creativity where ever it goes. She writes a blog called "Journey Juju" about her creative travels. I am in love and envious of all her adventures. But since my blog is also focused on the JOURNEY of making art, I can explore that journey even when I stay close to home.

Through Cynthia's Toolkit, I was reminded of ways to express creativity even while I am stuck in my hometown. So for the next week, I am going to post some very Americanized Haiku to gear me up for my creative journey.

Here are today's Haiku
Stuck at my work desk

Body's here, but Mind is not
Need an Adventure!

Computers all day
Type, print, daydream & know that
Art won't wait till 5

Buddha on my desk
Blessing me in hopes I will
Take him to Japan

Creativity won't wait! Get started on the journey now!

Your Turn: Do you have some adventures planned for the summer or near future? What are you doing to get the creative juices flowing so you can be (as from the Toolkit) "transformed from ordinary tourist to traveling artist?" I would love to hear about your creative journeys!

Creatively yours! ~ Jaime


  1. I like these haiku! I'm very excited to go on this adventure with you.

  2. Yay Jaime!
    Have fun in China
    And Japan!

    (I couldn't help it, the haiku was irresistable. Both China and Japan are amazing--you'll love it! Yay for art journeys!)

  3. Wow, how exciting!! I don't have any trips planned for the near future . . . staying home with a geriatric dog and traveling around the garden for now, but sometimes that can be an adventure, too. Thanks for posting the great links also.

  4. Thanks to you all! This is going to be an adventure I am sure of it. More haiku and fast sketches to come.

    Cathy: even that sentence that you wrote about your dog sounds like an adventure.

    Now you have me thinking. What kind of trouble will my cats get into while I am gone? Uh, maybe I should stay home!


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