Monday, March 23, 2009

Encausticians, start your hot plates! Encaustic Techniques - Mono-Prints

So all this blogging and I haven't given you what I promised - encaustic techniques! I am constantly researching, experimenting and exploring new ways of making art and I have been hoarding all knowledge. Now it is time to share what I have learned and what I am dying to try out.

To the internet, Encausticians! Found: a short tutorial on Encaustic Mono-prints.

Since HGTV will yell at me if I steal their tutorial, I will link you to the site for all the details.

Here is a sample:

Encaustic Mono-Print

Russell Thurston creates vibrant prints featuring his encaustic technique.

Click here to see the whole tutorial.

Mono-Prints are something that I have been dying to try out. I have a super busy week, but plan to have some mono-prints done by next week. I would love to see if anyone has done this type of print with encaustics.

Your turn:
Find something creatively inspiring on the internet? Share it! No more hoarding knowledge. Plus, if you blog, then all those great links you find will be in your own blog. No more sorting through a mile-long bookmarks tab. It will be all right here for you and others to share.

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