Sunday, March 22, 2009

Collaborative Art Project for Facebook

All alone in your studio space? Need some inspiration? Tired of stressing over your own work and need something for the creative juices? Maybe it is time for some COLLABORATION!

Collaboration on the big scale means people in your space, coordinating schedules and lots of energy. But what if you want do something smaller, and still get into the spirit of collaboration? Facebook groups to the rescue!

Through an artist friend Lisa Bebi, I found a group on Facebook being run by another member of the San Diego Women's Caucus for Art, Grace Matthews. It is a Collaborative Art group which takes the idea of mail art and adds the technology of photo sharing on Facebook. Grace even made a blog to showcase the work.

First you make your 1-5 art pieces which are small enough to fit into a normal letter sized envelope, and scan or photograph them. Then post them up on the Facebook group page for the group to see. Then send them the other members in your group. Each person works on the piece, signs/dates it, scans it in, posts it and sends it on to the next. When it comes back to the starter, they say if it done. If not, work on it, and send it on its' way again! The photos document the process of the individual pieces and the work of group in general. You get fabulous art without all the stress and ego. Brilliant!

Since I am in the third group, we are a little late starting on the fun. Here are my backgrounds, which are waiting very patiently to be loved and used by the other artists.

"Wheel," "Streak," and "Horizon" by Jaime Lyerly, March 2009
All pieces are encaustic paints and collage on claybord.

I cannot wait to see what the others do to my pieces. I am a little nervous since I never heard back if any of them are familiar with encaustic, so who knows what the reaction will be when they get it. Plus, it will be my first time mailing out encaustics, so hopefully they won't end up with an envelope full of hot wax in their mailbox!

Your Turn: Do collaborative projects inspire you? Do they make you explore other ways of working or seeing your art? Can you let go of control over the work? Let me know what you think!

Happy Art Making and Collaboration! ~ Jaime

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  1. Love the idea! Collaboration has been on my mind in a big way. This is a wonderful way to get your feet wet. I've been toying with the idea of asking an artist friend to work on a piece with me for my upcoming exhibit. This idea has expanded my mind to ask several friends who have played a role in my growth to collaborate on a small piece (even non- artists).Thanks for the inspiration.


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