Sunday, May 10, 2009

Encaustic, Beeswax, and Mixed Media Paintings - In Progress

Finally, I have some more pictures of my current projects! Woohoo!

Here are the two series of encaustic, beeswax and mixed media sculptural paintings that I have been working on.

I am struggling with the identities and material choices on these two series. I would love to hear what you fabulous artists and art-lovers have to think about these.

The first series, tentatively called "Stories" includes the piece "Weaving my Story" which was selected for the Women's Caucus for Art juried show "Herstory" earlier this year.

"Stories" series, encaustic and mixed media on 12x12 in panel
(c) Jaime Lyerly

I finished the two other pieces after "Weaving my Story" was selected for the show and hung at the Women's History Museum, and then was moved to 8Teen Art and Cultural Center for "Herstory Exposed". Similar materials were used, but I am not sure if they still go together since "Weaving my Story" has lived so long away from her sisters. I finally got her back from the 8Teen last week.

Here are some details of the series:

"Stories" series, March 2009 - Untitled - detail 1
(c) Jaime Lyerly

"Stories" series - March 2009, "Weaving my Story"- detail
(c) Jaime Lyerly

"Stories" series, March 2009 - Untitled - detail 2
(c) Jaime Lyerly

The second series has no title and the pieces are more in progress exploration than finished pieces. Still working on where I want them to go. Any suggestions?

Untitled, Two pieces, April 2009, encaustic, beeswax and mixed media on 12x12 in panel
(c) Jaime Lyerly

All I know about these ones is that I want to hang them together like this. I embedded color in the bottom one and may carve into it to excavate the colors. The bottom one may have more string on it too.

Untitled, 1, April 2009, (c) Jaime Lyerly

Untitled, 1, April 2009 - Detail 1, (c) Jaime Lyerly

Untitled, 2, April 2009 (c) Jaime Lyerly

Untitled, 2, April 2009, detail (c) Jaime Lyerly

Your Turn: Are any of these pieces working for you? What can be changed? Do you work with mixed media? How do you struggle with the endless choices available and how to make the transition from one material to another? I would love to hear what you think!


  1. I can only tell you to follow the Muse. She knows what she's doing. When you feel drawn to a material, you're going in the right direction. When you feel the tug to move on, do so.

    Sometimes you'll feel drawn to something before it's time to actually work with it and the pull won't be as strong, but it will be there. You may need to build on some other things before you're ready to actually tackle that. And even though you haven't started it yet, your mind is getting you ready for it and may be prepping to give you ideas in the future. The time will come. Follow the Muse.

  2. Love this artwork - really innovative! :-) Sophia Elise


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