Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Beeswax / Encaustic Sculpture Pictures Coming Soon!

My enthusiasm about social networking has gotten me in trouble again!

I volunteered at the Women's Caucus for Art, San Diego board meeting to help get the WCA/SD blog and social networking into gear. This has been great so far. The blog has recent posts; we have groups on Facebook and LinkedIn; and even have a Twitter account for members to tweet as a group.

But what happened to my time? Oops, I neglected my own blog and social networking connections. I promised my twitter followers some pictures of my new 3-D beeswax / encaustic sculptures that I was wondering on last week. I even took pictures on Friday of them for posting over the weekend. Alas, I ran out of time and now it is Tuesday.

Update 7/15/09 - pictures are finally up on this blog post - Unique Beeswax / Encaustic Sculptures by Jaime Lyerly.

Until then, come connect with the Women's Caucus for Art. We would love to have some followers and interactions!

Happy art-making (and time management)! ~ Jaime Lyerly

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