Sunday, May 24, 2009

China and Japan here we come!

Tomorrow we leave for China and Japan for my two week study abroad tour and I am so excited! Chris and I have been shopping and packing for days now and the time is finally here.

So before I leave you for two weeks worth of quietness (I don't have a laptop), here is a peek into the journey we will be taking.

Day 1
Leave Los Angeles Airport

Day 2
Arrive in Beijing, China

Day 3 Beijing, China
-Tiananmen Square
-Forbidden City
-Palace Museum

Day 4
Beijing, China to Hangzhou
-Visit to China Academy of Art - Canceled

Day 5
Hangzhou to Shanghai, China
-West Lake Cruise
-Tea Plantation
-Tiger Hill
-Yu Garden

Day 6
Shanghai, China to Kyoto, Japan
-Shanghai Museum
Kyoto, Japan

Day 7
Kyoto, Japan

Day 8
Kyoto, Japan

Day 9
Kyoto to Tokyo, Japan

Days 10 - 13 Tokyo, Japan

Day 14 Leave Tokyo for Los Angeles Airport, Drive to San Diego

So that is our tour itinerary. I have not included any of the extra things that we want to do, since I am not sure when they will be squeezed in the schedule. Chris's goal is to pick up a musical instrument, preferably something inexpensive from each country. I am looking for art supplies, special papers and maybe some fabrics. We are taking a small dragon doll which will be the spirit of my 12-year-old son, Xen, with us on the tour. Xen made a "Dragon List" of the places he wants me to take a picture of the dragon in front of. His only souvenir request is for a set of chopsticks. Simple and affordable - I like that!

The visits to the colleges have been canceled because of flu health concerns, so I am not sure what will will do in place of that. I am disappointed because that means I will not get to do the presentation on my art in Japan as planned. I had a wonderful presentation of my art completed, using tips from Alyson Stanfield's blog post. Learn more about presentations for artists here.

Even though I will not be blogging on my trip, I will be writing, drawing, taking photos and thinking about all the great stuff I am going to share with you when I get back.

Wish us luck on this fantastic journey!

To your health, creativity and traveling adventures! ~Jaime Lyerly


  1. So you're on your way, Jaime!
    Thanks for sharing your itinerary with us. I wish you a wonderful time and am looking forward to your report when you come back.
    We've lived in Yokohama for 5 years and visited Kyoto. I'm sure you two will have a fantastic time.

  2. Hey Jaime, this is Joyce!

    I hope your trip back to the States was MUCH better than mine to Taiwan. There was some confusion at the airport, and well.. to keep a long story short, I wasn't able to take a plane to my final destination in Taiwan. After arriving at Taipei, I had to take a freaking 5 hour bus. oh well, This whole trip has been an interesting experience.

    Anyways, it was great meeting you and Chris. You guys made my trip much more enjoyable. It would be great to find some time to hang out together back in San Diego.



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