Thursday, May 14, 2009

Counting the days and thinking of a Fulbright future

11 more days to go...

Counting the days until my trip to Japan and China! It will be so fun, I can hardly wait. Will write more about it in the week to come.

All this thinking about and planning for visiting overseas got me thinking about what it would be like to live or study overseas. And that leads me to the Fulbright.

Since I will be graduating in 1 year, I am eligible to apply for a Fulbright. The Fulbright is a government run program that sends recent graduates and people with BA or higher degrees to study, research or teach English in another country for up to a year. And they pay you a living stipend to do it!

This is one of my dreams. To live and study in another country, and totally integrate into a foreign culture. Specifically, I want to make art and learn art techniques from masters in their specialties. There is a problem though - I only speak English!

This language requirement is really putting a downer on my search for a country to go live in. Countries like Japan, Italy, France and Spain all require about two years of foreign language study. My partner is interested in moving to India. India does not have a foreign language requirement, but I am not sure I would be able to find someone to teach a woman sculpture. Maybe I am mistaken, but isn't there still a gender bias for occupations of women in India? So what do I do if I want to learn art in another country? Help me figure this one out!

Your turn: Anyone receive a Fulbright? If so, what was your experience? What about any artists - did you go to study art? I would love to hear about your journey!


  1. Going with someone else will make it easier to go to India. I don't know how much of a gender bias there is in India. I'd suggest digging into the culture of any place you're going to. There must be lots of info on the web.

    And India isn't the only place with a gender bias. There's a gender bias in Japan too. And perhaps Italy. You may still want to go to a place with a gender bias, but you really should know what you're getting into so you're prepared.

  2. WOW!! How fantastic! Happy traveling! Kathy from Twitter and a zillion blogs on blogspot too, gads I get so carried away. I live in SD area btw.

  3. Check out Rosetta Stone. For $500 you can learn any language you want in 6 months! I have no affiliation with them, but think it's a wonderful program and easy of you have one hour a day to practice.

    Lots of cool artists doing workshops in Italy in coming months, FYI.


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