Friday, June 4, 2010

San Diego area volunteers needed! The Tag Project at Kiku Gardens this Saturday June 5, 2010

In San Diego area and have nothing to do this Saturday morning?

Want to help with an amazing project?

Great! Come join us at the Kiku Gardens as we help Artist Wendy Maruyama "age" tags for her Tag Project: E.O. 9066. See this invite below from Wendy:

The Tag Project will be at Kiku Gardens Saturday, June 5, 2010 from 10 AM - noon. We are now at a point where we need help taking the tags through an aging process (dunking in coffee and krinkling and setting out to dry).

If you would like to help, please bring rubber gloves, old newspapers, and if you have one, a plastic dishpan or some similar plastic container for dunking tags.

Roll up your sleeves, and join the fun!!


Kiku Gardens
1260 Third Ave.
Chula Vista, CA 91911

Time: 10 AM til 12 pm

Here is more about the Tag Project from the Facebook page:

This project was begun as part of my research on Executive Order 9066: it is the first time I made the personal decision to really look at this sorry chapter in history as a Japanese American artist. I plan to focus on this direction in my work for the next few years.

One project, "The Tag Project", was started in New York - I replicated 1011 tags from internees from my hometown (San Diego/Chula Vista). I was inspired by the thousands of folded origami cranes I saw at the Hiroshima Peace memorial and this group of tags was called "Cascade". I was also deeply moved by the photos of Dorothea Lange, one is shown above: it was her photos that initially provided the physical and emotional weight of the internment, and how it so profoundly affected the Japanese American citizens during and for years to come. All Japanese Americans were rounded up in 1942 and each were issued a tag and an ID number designating their destination: one of several internment camps, all in desolate deserted areas of the United States. The most haunting and striking photos were of the families wearing tags at the various assembly centers before being shipped off by train to these remote areas.

I was taken by the weight of these tags when they were completed and hung, despite appearing to be light and airy. This struck me as being very relevant to the way the internment was perceived by the general American Public. To this day it shocks me to still run into fellow Americans who had no clue that this had happened. I am going to commit to making all 120,000 tags, for all the Japanese Americans who were sent to all the camps. I feel that the sheer numbers and the scale of these tags will convey to all who view this that the internment was a massive project that was to affect an entire culture of people and their future generations.

Find out more on the The TAG Project: E.O. 9066 Blog.

Interview with Wendy in American Craft Magazine - "The Tag Project: In Search of Cultural Memory"

Tag Project Video

The Tag Project | Poston from xavier vasquez on Vimeo.

About Wendy Maruyama -

Wendy Maruyama is Head of the San Diego State Furniture Design /Woodworking program and has taught at SDSU since 1989. Prior to that she has headed programs at California College of Arts and Crafts and at the Appalachian Center for Crafts. She received her BA from San Diego State and MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology. She has been the recipient of a Fulbright Grant to England, foreign travel grants to France and Japan, and four NEA Craftsmen's Fellowships. She also serves on several non-profit boards, including the Furniture Society and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. She is a frequent workshop leader and lecturer and her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. It is documented in numerous publications and included in public collections, among them the Mint Museum of Craft and Design, American Craft Museum, Oakland Museum, Mingei International Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Arizona State University Museum in Tempe.

I know it is late notice, but you really want to come to this event! I would love to see you there.

Happy volunteering! ~ Jaime Lyerly

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