Saturday, October 10, 2009

Art Marketing tip - Facebook fan pages: what, why, and how

Studio working photo that was only on my Facebook Fan Page until now, © 2009 Jaime Lyerly

Facebook Fan Pages got you confused? You are not alone. Get all the details about Facebook Fan pages by Artist Lisa Call forwarded from the Art Biz Coach in this informative and easy to read article.

Facebook fan pages: what, why, and how

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I have a Facebook Fan page for my own art, but as the article states, it doesn't show the notifications if anyone posts on the fan page. Therefore, I have to remember to check and see if anyone commented on my work. I have been promising pictures of my wood project as a work in progress, and now it is almost complete. I just need to add some hardware to the back of the piece, and finally call it done. So you may not get a work in progress, but you will get to see start to finish on it via pictures. I also post more pictures of studio working shots on my fan page than I do on my blog or personal Facebook page.

There are not clear and distinct lines drawn for my personal Facebook page and my Fan page. I post lots of calls to artists and art marketing tips on my personal page. My blog feeds to both pages. The reason to have a Fan page for me is that it is the only place on Facebook that is ONLY about my art and art related activities. I also run a Fan follower drawing just like I do on this blog.

I do complaining about my schedule, talking about life, silly quizzes and general chit-chatting on my personal page. I talk about my art and interact with people interested in my art on both pages. But only on my fan page to I do fan drawings and post more studio pictures. So to paraphrase the article, become my fan to learn more about my art; friend me on my personal page to see the whole me.

Your Turn:
Do you already have a Facebook Fan page? If so, how do you distinguish it from a personal page? Drawings? Special for fans only drawings? More pictures? Video? I would love to hear your ideas on what makes a Fan page special. When you have created a Facebook Fan page, send me a request to become your fan!

Until then, Happy art and Fan page making! ~ Jaime Lyerly

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