Thursday, January 22, 2009

Recording and Sharing the Process of Art

I have recently came across so many amazing artists, that I cannot keep them all to myself. You need to know them and I am here to share! A lot of them are participating in the smARTist Telesummit 2009 this week, which has been super.

One of the things that makes me stay long on their blogs and web pages are descriptions and pictures of their PROCESS. Finished art work is great, but seeing the messy beginnings, sketches and models brings me closer to the artist than a finished product.

So in the spirit of exploring this artistic journey, I will start posting some of my own sculptures and works in progress. Until then, please check out these amazing artists and see how they lay out their path on the Artistic Journey.

Cathy Erdmann - spirited figures in clay and bronze
Rebecca Shapiro - abstract paintings in encaustic

And for when you are not connected to the internet, books!:
"The Figure in Clay" by Lark Ceramics -show amazing figurative sculpture in process and descriptions of the concept written by the artist. Most inspiring!

For music to inspire your own process, we have my partner and independent record company owner Chris Miner of Mind Altering Records. His music is exploding with colors and is expansively inviting to your creative muse.

All these artists and more can be found on Facebook. You need to connect with them! They need you!

I love to see works in process! Artists, let me connect with you and show your pieces in progress! I'll show you mine soon.


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