Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Like magma; like lava

Like Mother Earth, things in my life have been changing rapidly and have shaken me to the core.

Since hitting the Pause button on my blog in May, I have experienced some major life changes: 
  1. Graduation with my Bachelor's in Art: Applied Design, with a minor in Psychology
  2. Ending of a my romantic relationship that lasted 10.5 years
  3. Spiritual awakening to my role as a Energy Healer and Shamanic Temple Priestess 
These changes needed to happen "off-line" as much as possible so that I could process them. But I am being called to share my journey again with you. 

But this journey will be different than before. 

Because this earth sign (I'm a Taurus) has been set on FIRE with my new spiritual connection. 

And through this fiery, creative channel comes new art.   

Like magma, my fiery earth has churned, hidden from view. 

Like lava, it is time to let it out. 

So expect new and exciting directions for this blog.

The old content, especially my tutorials, will still be here. I will still share resources and things involving art.

But my goal now in life is to Start YOUR Creative Fire!

and teach by example so that it can burn bright and keep you warm during the toughest transitions.  

On Fire, 
Jaime Lyerly 

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