Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Image of the Week - Petah Coyne

Since one of my jobs is to share information, I am going to start an Image of the Week which will include less of my words and more art.

These images will be from artists I have come across during my web searches, readings, classes, artistic research and more.

All of the images have moved me, but I will let them stand on their own without my WHY. I will include the source so that you can check out more.

First Image of the Week - Petah Coyne

Petah Coyne, Untitled #875S-96/7 (Atlanta Gal), 1996–97, mixed media, 67 1/2×55 x 38”.
Courtesy of Galerie Lelong, New York.

More about Petah Coyne's work can be found in this interview by Lynne Tillman from Bomb Magazine.

Moved to share? Please do! I would love to hear your comments.
~Jaime Lyerly

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