Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blog Triage - HW 1 - Desperately Seeking Art-Loving Readers

Since the birth of my blog, "Art Making is a Journey" in January 2009, it has grown into the spirited and precocious toddler.

It has changed from a place to share my artwork and journey as an emerging artist to a place that I can connect with artists and readers from all over the world.

It is a visual and written representation of what is in my head, my heart and what is being created with my hands. It is a necessary and exciting part of my own creative process.

But it wouldn't have grown to this without you.

My readers (frequent or first-timers) help me to define what it is that I write about.

When people email me asking about encaustic techniques or set-up, I know it is because of posts on this blog. I love to share my knowledge with others, and this blog has become my platform.

Yet, sometimes it is neglected. ::Cough, Cough:: Even sick. Ignored. Needing medical attention...

So to help revitilize my blog's health, I have signed up for the online "Blog Triage" class taught by Art Biz Coach Alyson B. Stanfield and Original Impulse/Journey Juju Cynthia Morris.

I have been reading Alyson and Cynthia's blogs since the birth of my blog, so I feel like I know them personally. They are doctors who know the secrets to a healthy blog.

Our "Homework" for this class will be completing assignments on our blog. I hope by sharing this that you will be inspired to check the pulse of your own blog. Here is part 1 of Homework 1.

Blog Triage - Homework 1, part 1 - Describe your ideal readers

Desperately Seeking Art-Loving Readers


  • Highly interested in Encaustic (hot beeswax painting) and want to know more about it
  • Has a sense of humor!
  • Love to look at and/or make art
  • Lifetime learner and seeker of knowledge
  • Enjoy reading about the creative process
  • Visually stimulated
  • Loves process art and experimentation
  • Cares about contemporary art
  • Can be artist working in any medium
  • Can be a student, retiree, working person, male or female (or cat), physical appearance does not matter
  • Hardworking and dedicated to the creative process
  • Wants to learn more about how to market your art
  • Interested in Feminism, Conceptualism, Post-Modernism, and other Art History-isms
  • Understanding if I ramble and change topics
  • Willing to support an "unknown," emerging artist
Preference: Living in San Diego area, CA, but open to other areas of the country/world

Enjoy reading blogs and social networking a plus, but not necessary


  • Emerging, Mixed media and Encaustic artist
  • Loves to share and promote Encaustic paintings and sculpture
  • Hardworking and dedicated student and mother
  • Loves to write about process art
  • Tends to write excessively about own life - even the "bad" stuff
  • Takes lots of in progress pictures
  • Needs to blog as part of the creative process
  • Lover of knowledge, with a tad bit of nerdiness
  • Needs to teach and share that knowledge with others
  • Cannot resist sharing on Social Networking sites
  • Very interested in Conceptualism, Feminism and Art-isms yet to be named
  • Supports other artists
  • Tends to talk too much and change subject at will
Looking for long-term relationship with multiple readers.
Let's get together and share this love of art! Will you be my reader?

No application needed - just read and enjoy.

Feeling moved to reach out and connect with me? I am always available to respond to your comments and email.

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me, however long you have been here!

Until next time; Happy Art-making! ~ Jaime Lyerly


  1. Jaime, I am looking forward to this blog class with you. I love looking at encaustic and I love the smell of hot beeswax- I'll be your reader!

  2. YAY! Thanks Lynn. I am glad to have you as a reader. I am going to be going through all my fellow classmates blogs soon and you will be on the top of the heap.


  3. Jamie, you have created a great blog.
    I have been working in encaustic for almost 12 years now and also love sharing this amazing process with students in my workshops here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

  4. Jaime,

    Love your pursuit of art, motherhood and the various related "isms." I wish blogging had been around my kids were little. Could have been a real source of sanity at times! Also love that you take lots of in-process pics. I need to get more comfortable with this. I keep trying to snag my daughters I-phone:)

  5. Your blog really speaks to the heart & you are obviously a beautiful writer. Your first assignment here is right on. I love how you described both your reader & yourself. I've always been fascinated with the encaustic process, so I am eager to see more about how you create with this exciting media.
    So glad I found you on the Blog Triage class!
    Here's to better blogs for all of us patients!

  6. Thank you all! I am so thrilled to have wonderful artists come visit my site. Hurray for the Blog Triage!



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